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Supervision and evaluation

The evaluation process is designed to be dynamic and proactive. The goals of the evaluation process are to optimize the internship experience for each intern, to provide constructive feedback, and to ensure that all interns attain their personal goals and the goals of the program.

In an effort to continuously monitor the Internship Program and to ensure its excellence, we also strive to facilitate feedback from each intern. In addition to the scheduled meetings outlined below, ad hoc meetings will be arranged as necessary. The Internship Coordinator provides leadership in the evaluation process and is responsible for its integrity.

  1. Supervisors’ Meetings. Meetings are held at 4-6 week intervals throughout the 12-month Internship Program. Each of these meetings is attended by the intern’s current supervisors and the Director. The purpose of the supervisors’ meetings is to discuss the intern’s progress, to identify any necessary modifications to the current rotation and to plan for the next rotation.
  2. Mid-Rotation Meeting for Supervisor & Intern. At Mid-Rotation (end of 3rd month) and prior to the supervisors’ monthly meeting, the supervisor completes a written evaluation of the intern's progress to date, and reviews the evaluation in a face-to-face meeting with the intern. The supervisor will present issues arising from this meeting at the supervisor’s monthly meeting. Also, in preparation for this meeting, the intern informally completes, but does not submit, an evaluation of the rotation and of the supervisor to facilitate the interns’ evaluation of the training from his or her own perspective.
  3. End of Rotation Meeting for Supervisor & Intern. In preparation for this meeting (6-month meeting), the supervisor and intern are to complete another set of evaluation forms. The supervisor and intern discuss their evaluations. The supervisor's evaluation is then submitted at the supervisors’ monthly meeting. The intern submits his or her evaluation directly to the Internship Coordinator.
  4. End-of-Internship Meeting. The Director uses the four final rotation evaluations to complete a year-end evaluation of each intern. The Director meets with each intern individually to review the year and elicit construction suggestions or recommendations for improvements to the program.
  5. Intern’s Evaluation of Program and Supervision. The intern completes an evaluation of each supervisor and of the Internship Program. These are submitted to the Director.
  6. Annual Review of Internship Program & Supervision. The Internship Coordinator reviews all of the interns’ evaluations of each rotation and supervisor, and initiates action as indicated.