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Predoctoral Residency Program

Welcome to the Pre-Doctoral Residency in Paediatric Psychology at SickKids. SickKids (also known as The Hospital for Sick Children) has a long tradition of offering accredited training across a diverse range of programs. We have a highly qualified and experienced training faculty, all of whom are thoroughly dedicated to training. Residents gain experience with children and youth who present with mental health issues related to congenital, perinatal, or acquired medical conditions. Our overall goal is to prepare the resident for the varied demands of professional practice in psychology - skills that are readily transferable to a wide range of community settings.

I understand how important it is for you to find the best possible match for your training needs so I encourage you to take your time in reviewing the material on this site. This brochure describes our residency in detail, including information about the mission and goals of the program and entrance requirements.

Our full-year pre-doctoral residency program first became accredited with the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) in 2001. In 2012, the CPA and APA approved and signed the First Street Accord, a mutual recognition agreement on accreditation

The residency programme has been accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association for a 6 year term (2017/2018 until 2023/2024). 

For more information on CPA accreditation, please contact the accreditation office: 
141 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 702
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5J3

Please contact me at 416.813.7654 (ext. 204584) or by email at sharon.guger@sickkids.ca with any questions.

Thank you for your interest in our program!


Sharon Guger, PhD, C. Psych.
Director of Clinical Psychology Training