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Research activities

Research at SickKids

The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is the largest paediatric academic health sciences centre in Canada, and one of the largest in the world. Its central mission is to deliver exemplary patient care, to train the next generation of child health leaders, and to develop new interventions and treatments. The synergy between SickKids' Research Institute and its patient care professionals leads to breakthroughs in treatments and ultimately, prevention of childhood disease and injuries.

Research in Psychology

The Psychology Department adopts a scientist-practitioner model that integrates clinical care with research. In addition to our group of full-time research staff, many of our clinicians are also actively involved in research – both as independent investigators and as members of multi-disciplinary teams.

Current Research

Please find links below to research profiles in the Department of Psychology.

Psychological, social and quality of life outcomes of diagnosis and treatment for paediatric cancer

Principal Investigator:         Maru Barrera,                Ph.D.          

Attention Deficit Disorder

Principal Investigator:         Jennifer Crosbie,         Ph.D.          

The Neurobiology of Congenital and Acquired Brain Damage in Children

Principal Investigator:         

Neurocognitive and Neurobehavioural Outcome in Pediatric Heart Transplant

Principal Investigators:     Anna Gold                     Ph.D.

                                               Eva Mamak                    Ph.D.

Clinical Research Studies in Neurology and Genetics-Metabolics

Principal Investigator:         Elizabeth Kerr,            Ph.D.            view

The Learning Disabilities Research Program

Principal Investigator:         Maureen Lovett,           Ph.D.           

Neuro-Cognitive Late Effects of Pediatric Brain Tumours

Principal Investigator:         Donald Mabbott,          Ph.D.           

Neurocognitive outcomes in children with Lysosomal Storage Diseases

Principal Investigator:         Eva Mamak,                 Ph.D.

Chronic Pain in Children and Adolescents

Principal Investigator:        Danielle Ruskin,        Ph.D.           

Prevention of disordered eating: Evaluation of a sequential model of health promotion, selective prevention and early intervention of disordered eating across the lifespan.

Principal Investigator:        Gail McVey,                     Ph.D.           view

Anxiety Disorders in Children

Principal Investigator:        Sandra Mendlowitz,       Ph.D.          

The Role of Thyroid Hormone in Brain Development

Principal Investigator:        Joanne Rovet,                Ph.D.          

Diabetes Research Program

Principal Investigator:       Ruth Slater,                      Ph.D.          

Behavioural and neuropsychological correlates of central nervous system dysfunction during development

Principal Investigator:       Mary Lou Smith,              Ph.D.          

Neuropsychological Outcome in Children with Leukemia 

Principal Investigator:       Brenda Spiegler,            Ph.D.          view

Cognitive and Behavioural Outcomes Following Pediatric Stroke

Principal Investigator:       Robyn Westmacott,        Ph.D.         view