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Child Health Evaluative Sciences

Dr. Diego Bassani
Originally from Brazil, Bassani fell in love with Canada while finishing up his PhD thesis here. He is currently working on a birth cohort study in southern Brazil. Outside of research, he enjoys family time, cooking, photography, movies and fixing things around the house. learn more

Dr. Susanne Benseler
After a decade in Toronto, German native Dr. Susanne Benseler still enjoys exploring Toronto with friends and family. Her research focuses on a disease called central nervous system vasculitis. learn more

Dr. Catherine Birken
Mom of three active kids, Birken is committed to her research having a direct impact on child health. Through her TARGet Kids program, researchers work directly with primary care practitioners to translate evidence-based knowledge to children and families. learn more

Dr. Katherine Boydell
Dr. Boydell's research is focused on the use of arts-based approaches for knowledge translation. She is currently experimenting with how the arts can be sed to commnicate empirical research findings to a wide variety of audiences. learn more

Dr. Victor Blanchette
Barbados native, Dr. Victor Blanchette has worked as a clinician-scientist at SickKids for over 25 years. He feels privileged to work in such a world-class institution with a legacy of excellence in care, research and learning. learn more

Dr. Eyal Cohen
In addition to being a physician, Dr. Eyal Cohen is also a policy researcher who is studying ways to improve the delivery of high-quality health care. An avid reader, Dr. Cohen also formed a book club at SickKids which meets several times a year. learn more

Dr. Sharon Dell
Dell’s connection to SickKids began as a girl, when her sister was admitted to the hospital with a life-threatening condition. Now Dell works at SickKids studying and treating respiratory illnesses in children. learn more

Dr. Ivan Diamond
Self-proclaimed political and news junkie, Dr. Ivan Diamond is currently taking part in the surgeon-scientist training program. His research focuses on children with intestinal failure. learn more

Dr. Anne Griffiths
Dr. Anne Griffiths thinks Watson and Crick’s discovery of DNA changed science forever. She does patient based and/or translational research related to inflammatory bowel disease which includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. learn more

Dr. Andrew Howard
Whether it’s by way of skis or a paddle, Dr. Andrew Howard loves all forms of wilderness travel. He is currently interested in improving pedestrian safety in Canada and around the world. learn more

Lindsay Jibb
A nurse-clinician scientist and foodie, Jibb believes a great mentor is instrumental in having a successful research career. Her work focuses on the development of a smartphone-based app that will help adolescents with cancer manage their pain outside of the hospital. learn more

Dr. Paul Nathan
South African born, Dr. Nathan is a family man. When he is not with his patients in the cancer clinic, or in the lab studying the late-effects of cancer, there is no place he’d rather be than spending time with his family. learn more

Dr. Martin Offringa
Dr. Martin Offringa is a music lover, who enjoys exploring the Toronto area on his bike. He is passionate about researching safe and smart ways of testing new treatments in children and is driven by his curiosity in clinical research. learn more

Dr. Patricia Parkin
As a practitioner and applied researcher, Dr. Patricia Parkin thinks the concept of evidence-based medicine is the most important breakthrough. Her research aims to advance the evidence base for general paediatric care. learn more

Dr. Petros Pechlivanoglou
Dr. Petros Pechlivanoglou was born, raised and studied in Greece before joining SickKids. Outside of his SickKids lab he enjoys spending time with his new lab puppy! learn more

Dr. Eleanor Pullenayegum
Biostatistician Eleanor Pullenayegum is an English-born researcher who enjoys rock-climbing and contributing to the greater good in whichever way she can. She works with statistical models to provide a better idea of the lifespan and correct treatment methods of diseases. learn more

Dr. Elinor Simons
Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Simons is a passionate singer and member of the SickKids Glee Club. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Clinical Epidemiology, with a focus on asthma development in children. learn more

Dr. Jennifer Stinson
One of Canada’s few nurse clinician-scientists, Jennifer Stinson’s research focuses on how to use information and communications technologies, the internet and mobile phones, to both assess and manage symptoms such as pain in children. In her spare time, she loves baking, exercising and spending time with her family. learn more

Dr. Lisa Strug
Halagonian Dr. Lisa Strug’s love of science began with her keen interest in puzzles. She enjoys thinking analytically and looking at problems from all different angles. She is currently working on three projects, each focusing on the genes that cause disease, specifically cystic fibrosis and rolandic epilepsy. learn more

Dr. Lillian Sung
Hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Dr. Lillian Sung is a fan of spicy food. She is currently working on trying to better understand, prevent and treat invasive infections that children undergoing chemotherapy treatment often experience. learn more

Dr. Teresa To
Dr. Teresa To is an epidemiologist with a strong passion for gathering data about asthma and finding innovative ways to help them properly manage it. She achieves balance in her life through playing music with her coworkers, reading and swimming for relaxation. learn more

Dr. Stanley Zlotkin
The developer of Sprinkles, a powder micronutrient supplement product used around the world for kids, Dr. Stanley Zlotkin continues to seek out novel solutions to improve children’s health.
learn more

Dr. Randi Zlotnik-Shaul
Zlotnik-Shaul works with multiple research teams in contexts relating to ethics, and is energized by the collaborative spirit of SickKids researchers.  She loves to plan summer travel adventures with her family. Together they camp, ski, bike and paint. learn more