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Genetics & Genome Biology

Dr. David Bazett-Jones
While his favourite scientist is physicist Sir Isaac Newton, Dr. David Bazett-Jones developed an interest in biology through his work in physics and imaging. learn more

Dr. Eric Campos
Born in Mexico City, Dr. Eric Campos loves experimenting in his SickKids lab and in his kitchen at home. learn more

Dr. Ronald Cohn
Cohn is excited about the future of individualized medicine for geneticists, and has  aspirations to open a restaurant someday. learn more

Dr. Jayne Danska
A senior scientist originally from New York City, Dr. Danska has devoted her life to science because she believes the scientific process offers a glimpse of truth and beauty more fundamental than any human construction. learn more

Dr. James Dowling
Clinician-Scientist Dr. James Dowling works on translational research for childhood muscle diseases. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, either playing board games at home or travelling the globe. learn more

Dr. Yigal Dror
A native of Israel, Dror uses genetics to better understand and treat bone marrow failure conditions. learn more

Dr. Victoria Forster
Originally from the UK, Victoria Forster enjoys marathon running in her spare time. Her research focuses on a rare genetic disorder called biallelic mismatch repair deficiency (bMMRD). learn more

Dr. Monica Justice
Dr. Justice only recently moved to Toronto, but has already fallen in love with SickKids and her new city. She believes the collaboration and interaction that the PGCRL fosters will help SickKids take the next big step in science and is a wonderful place to conduct her research in epigenetics. learn more

Dr. Binita Kamath
Addicted to her 6:30 a.m. workout boot camp, Kamath is a clinician-scientist who treats patients with liver disease. Her research focuses on the genetic basis of cholestatic liver diseases. learn more

Anath Lionel
Lionel is a research trainee studying genetic risk factors for psychiatric conditions. He enjoys travelling, volunteering and also enjoys a little friendly competition playing table tennis, softball and participating in the U of T quizbowl team. learn more

Dr. David Malkin
Dr. David Malkin’s favourite scientist is Albert Einstein and he even has the action figure to prove it. His current research is focused on the genetic predispositions to cancer, specifically childhood cancer.  learn more

Diana Merino
For Merino, finding inspiration for her research is easy. Once a SickKids patient, she credits her early interactions with doctors and nurses as piquing her interest in health science. learn more

Dr. Melissa McCradden
Melissa is currently working on creating an opportunity at SickKids to generate discussion and exploration of the ethical issues surrounding clinical AI projects at the hospital. Please contact Melissa if you're interested in learning more

Dr. Berge Minassian
Dr. Berge Minassian is an American history buff. He is currently researching the genetics of various neurological diseases in children including various epilepsy syndromes and a kind of muscular dystrophy. learn more

Dr. Seema Mital
Dr. Seema Mital is originally from India and came to Canada by way of Michigan. She studies the genetics and genomics of heart disease in children and is currently working to build the Heart Centre Biobank in collaboration with adult and paediatric medical centres across Ontario. learn more

Calvin Mok
A PhD candidate in Dr. Elise Heon’s lab, Calvin Mok loves that discoveries made in his lab will one day be applied to patient care and help improve results. learn more

Dr. Andrew Paterson
An avid cyclist, Dr. Andrew Paterson has two feet on the ground in the lab while trying to identify genetic variations that are associated with differences in how people with Type 1 diabetes control their blood sugar. learn more

Sujeetha Rajakumar
Sujeetha Rajakumar is a graduate student who loves to work out and enjoys nature. You can find her in the lab studying the mechanism of how leukemic cells cause bone destruction and invade the central nervous system. When not in the lab, you can find her jogging in the streets of Toronto. learn more

Dr. Brian Robinson
An avid collector of postcards and model trains, Dr. Robinson’s interest in science developed at the young age of nine, when he received his first chemistry set. Retiring March 31, Dr. Robinson has been researching mitochondria at SickKids since 1973! learn more

Dr. Stephen Scherer
Father of two, Scherer loves spending time at hockey rinks and at the cottage with his family. His lab, notable for identifying disease genes, has most recently been identifying genes in autism spectrum disorders. learn more

Dr. Neal Sondheimer
American-born Dr. Neal Sondheimer’s research is focused on studying disorders caused by mutations in the mitochondria DNA. Outside the lab, he enjoys activities with his two sons. learn more

Dr. Uri Tabori
Dr. Uri Tabori studied at the Hebrew University before arriving in Toronto and joining SickKids.. He believes that technology has moved beyond the realm of clinician knowledge, opening up a myriad of ethical questions with no clear framework to deal with them. learn more

Dr. Marina Tourlakis
A trainee at SickKids, Marina Tourlakis has a passion for learning and is inspired by her favourite scientist David Suzuki and the opportunity to impact human health. She spends her time reading, hanging out with her friends and researching the genetic mutations behind diseases.
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