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Molecular Medicine

Dr. Khosrow Adeli
Adeli views the SickKids Centre for Research and Learning as a supremely smart investment for SickKids. As well as managing the clinical biochemistry labs in the hospital, his basic research focuses on the link between diabetes and heart disease. learn more

Dr. Perrin Baker
Baker has hiked five of the seven continents and has a passion for communicating science to others. In the lab, he researches bacterial biofilms. learn more

Dr. Christine Bear
Dr. Christine Bear loves watching theatre and she is lucky enough to have an aspiring theatre actress for a daughter. As the co-director of the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Centre at SickKids she is continuously working towards therapy discovery for CF. learn more

Dr. Charles Deber
A scientist who focuses on the structures of proteins, it’s no wonder that Dr. Charles Deber considers one of the most important scientific breakthroughs to be the understanding that human disease is caused by microorganisms – things we can’t see with the naked eye. learn more

Dr. Julie Forman-Kay
Dr. Julie Forman-Kay has a particular interest in the intersection of science and religion and has even spoken on the subject at her synagogue. Dr. Forman-Kay is currently researching disordered states of protein, particularly how disorder has facilitated the evolution of complex biological processes that require complex regulation. learn more

Dr. Lynne Howell
Department head Dr. Lynne Howell grew up loving science and fantasy novels with a father who fed her curiosity. Her work focuses on the life cycle of a bacteria biofilm and she believes that being prepared to try new things is essential to a successful research career. learn more

Dr. Jean-Philippe Julien
Originally from North-Eastern Quebec, Dr. Jean-Philippe Julien enjoys playing hockey with his young son in his spare time. His research focuses on exploring the structural biology of immune receptors. learn more

Dr. Lewis Kay
Dr. Lewis Kay’s research in the field of spectroscopy consists of learning more about the structures and interactions of protein molecules. He is an avid Edmonton Oilers fan who finds relaxation through taking his beautiful Alaskan malamute for long walks. learn more

Dr. Fred Keeley
As the Associate Chief in charge of space, Dr. Fred Keeley, works to ensure that scientists have the facilities needed for their research. In his lab, he is researching elastin, the protein responsible for the elasticity of blood vessels and other tissues. learn more

Dr. Michelle Letarte
Letarte paints a marvelous picture of her career at SickKids which has spanned over 30 years. An accomplished artist by night, she has been studying a rare genetic blood disease (HHT1) in her lab ever since discovering endoglin in 1984. learn more

Dr. Clifford Lingwood
Dr. Clifford Lingwood recently celebrated 35 years at SickKids! Before he retires he is trying to solve one last problem in his field. Outside of work, he enjoys playing hockey and riding motorcycles with his son.  learn more

Dr. Kristin Low
Growing up in Ottawa, Kristin Low has always had a passion for science since watching Jurassic Park and being inspired by Dr. Alan Grant who defended his evidence when no one else believed him. learn more

Dr. Jason Maynes
Maynes plays the electric guitar and loves rocking out to the Rolling Stones. He identifies with the famous Dr. Feynman; a physicist remembered for his unique and multi-faceted personality. What Maynes likes best about SickKids is the opportunity to combine his main research interest of anesthetic toxicity with his clinical work.. learn more

Dr. Roman Melnyk
Through a creative and methodological approach, Dr. Melnyk tackles the next level in his research the same way he tackles a challenging day of rock climbing. learn more

Dr. Lisa Muiznieks
Australian Post-doctoral Fellow Muiznieks followed her grandfather’s footsteps in pursuing a research career. As she studies the mechanisms of the protein elastin to determine how it imparts elasticity to tissues in the body. learn more

Dr. John Parkinson
A scientist who started out in the United Kingdom, Dr. Parkinson wonders to what extent parasite infections have influenced human evolution, particularly their ability to regulate the immune response. learn more

Dr. Olivia Rissland
Dr. Olivia Rissland is a scientist both in and out of the lab, whether she is investigating the regulation of gene expression or preparing to run a 75 mile race in the Alps. learn more

Dr. John Rubinstein
Dr. John Rubinstein is an avid scuba diver who enjoys cooking and baking in his spare time. In the lab, he uses electron cryomicroscopy to look at structures of membrane protein complexes. learn more

Dr. Bibudhendra Sarkar
If Scientist Emeritus, Dr. Bibudhendra Sarkar, had chosen another career, he would have been an astrophysicist. His research is focused on metal caused genetic diseases and environmental metal toxicity. learn more

Dr. Simon Sharpe
Dr. Simon Sharpe loves hiking with his wife and his two dogs. His current research focuses on the molecular structure of proteins and how they assemble to form large complexes, important in a wide variety of diseases. learn more

Dr. James Wasmuth
Dr. James Wasmuth loves playing and coaching rugby. His current research uses bioinformatics, computer based genome modeling, to research the genomes (hereditary genetic information) of infectious diseases. learn more

Dr. Shoshana Wodak
The biggest influence on Dr. Shoshana Wodak’s professional life was her father, a clinical researcher. Her specialty is computational biology and bioinformatics. learn more