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Neurosciences & Mental Health

Dr. Brenda Banwell
Spinning instructor and mother of three, Dr. Brenda Banwell loves the fast-paced lifestyle that comes with being a clinician-scientist. Her research is focused on paediatric multiple sclerosis. learn more

Dr. Cathy Barr
An avid reader and traveller, Barr’s research focuses on figuring out the basic nature and brain function of dyslexia and childhood-onset psychiatric disorders. learn more

Dr. Gregory Borschel
American-born and raised, Dr. Gregory Borschel thinks SickKids is the number one children’s hospital in the world for clinical care and research. In his lab, he is investigating nerve regeneration. learn more

Andre Chevrier
Fascinated by the brain and how all of its parts work together, Chevrier is a trainee who uses fMRI, a type of imaging tool, to identify certain correlates of ADHD and other types of hyperactivity disorders in children. learn more

Dr. Hans-Michael Dosch
Before turning to academia, Dr. Hans-Michael Dosch joined the Army directly out of high school. A world leader in diabetes research, he considers the genome project as the most important scientific breakthrough leading to knowledge in understanding and manipulating the genome of entire organisms. learn more

Dr. Paul Frankland
England native and football fan, Dr. Paul Frankland reads Move with Elmo, every night with his daughter. In the lab, he is interested in how the brain encodes, stores and maintains information. learn more

Dr. Jin-Hee Han
The NMH Exceptional Trainee for 2007, Dr. Jin-Hee Han suggests that the single most important scientific breaktghrough is the discovery of the molecular structure of the DNA double helix. learn more

Dr. Sheena Josselyn
New mom Dr. Sheena Josselyn is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. She is currently studying memory, particularly how the brain stores and encodes information and remembers certain events more than others. learn more

Dr. Julie Lefebvre
What Dr. Julie Lefebvre loves about science is the process of discovery. She enjoys running and cross-country skiing and as a new scientist at SickKids she is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with clinicians in her study of how the brain develops.
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Dr. Lara Leijser
Clinical Research Fellow Lara Leijser is researching how to optimize brain development and neurodevelopmental outcomes in infants with complex congenital heart disease as well as in preterm infants with post-hemorrhagic ventricular dilatation. Originally from the Netherlands, Lara loves experiencing the diverse sights, foods and cultures across Toronto.
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Dr. Jason Lerch
Dr. Jason Lerch was born in Germany and grew up in the United States. He is currently studying neuroanatomy and is particularly interested in how the brain changes when we learn. learn more

Dr. Maureen Lovett
Dr. Maureen Lovett has devoted her research career to treatment studies of children and adolescents with significant reading disabilities. learn more

Dr. Steven Miller
Dr. Steven Miller, who studies how we can provide intensive care to newborns in ways that promote optimal brain development, loves playing sports and exploring new cultures with his family in his free time. learn more

Dr. Elizabeth Pang
Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Pang’s current research is centred on examining how the brain processes language. In her free time, she can be found hiking some of the most beautiful trails around the world.
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Melissa Polonenko
PhD candidate, Melissa Polonenko, is currently looking for ways to promote normal development in children who have an asymmetrical hearing loss. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, music and baking. learn more

Dr. Mike Salter
This music connoisseur defines himself as a “blues man,” and adores the work of Eric Clapton. Salter enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, one of whom is following his footsteps in neuroscience.  At SickKids, Salter researches pain processing to satisfy his curious mind. learn more

Dr. Russell Schachar
Inspired by the work of neuroscientist Dr. Eric Kandel, Schachar has developed a particular interest in childhood psychiatric disorders and is currently looking into the way children think, act and feel to understand the nature of their disorders. learn more

Dr. Carter Snead
History buff, Dr. Carter Snead advises those considering a research career to seek out a good mentor. As the Director of the Centre for Brain & Behaviour, he is looking forward to the opportunities that will come with The Research & Learning Tower. learn more

Dr. Margot Taylor
Dr. Margot Taylor’s admires Marie Curie because she managed as a woman in the 1890s to not only have a successful career in science but to also become a Nobel Prize winner, all the while raising a family. She is currently studying the development of frontal lobe functions in the brain. learn more

Dr. Carol Westall
Dr. Carol Westall is looking forward to the increased collaboration between researchers that The Research & Learning Tower will bring. Her research focuses on the early markers of disease in the visual system. learn more

Dr. Anne Wheeler
Originally from Toronto, Dr. Anne Wheeler has travelled across Asia, New Zealand and North America. As the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) scholar at SickKids, her research focuses on the effects of traumatic brain injury in children and animal models. Outside of the lab, Dr. Wheeler enjoys spending time with her family and snowboarding. learn more

Dr. Matt Wood
Biomedical engineer Dr. Matthew Wood is completing his post-doctoral fellowship at SickKids. He combines his passion for math and for medical science in the field of biomedical engineering and is really enjoying working in a hospital environment amongst clinicians. learn more