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Translational Medicine

Dr. Robert Bandsma
Born in the Netherlands, Dr. Robert Bandsma enjoys photography, cinema and the creative process behind science. He moved to Toronto just eight months ago to study ways to improve survival and the long-term outcomes of children with severe malnutrition at SickKids. learn more

Dr. Paul Delgado Olguin
Born in Mexico, Dr. Delgado-Olguin grew up with a passion for nature. He loves spending time outdoors with his family and believes his curious personality drove him to pursue science. Delgado-Olguin’s research focuses on learning more about the processes that regulate cardiovascular development. learn more

Dr. Andrea Doria
Dr. Andrea Doria moved from Brazil to SickKids in 1999 to further her studies in paediatric radiology. Currently, she is investigating potential imaging markers to track the cause and effect of cartilage degeneration in arthritis and the early detection of cancer. Outside the lab, she enjoys meditating, movies, reading, and spending time with friends and family. learn more

David Douda
A black belt in karate, David Douda is a graduate student at SickKids studying specific molecules that help defend the lungs against infection. learn more

Dr. Jill Hamilton
Dr. Jill Hamilton’s all-time favourite scientist is Albert Einstein. She is looking at the determinants of metabolic risk in obesity and trying to understand the differences in the physiology and other factors that may predispose one person who gains weight to develop problems like diabetes or high blood pressure, versus others who don’t. learn more

Dr. Shinya Ito
Dr. Shinya Ito was always destined to move Canada having grown up idolizing Bobby Orr and playing hockey in Hokkaido, Japan. The ultimate goal of Dr. Ito’s research program is to advance the knowledge base for better drug safety in children, especially in breastfed infants. learn more

Dr. Edgar Jaeggi
The Head of Fetal Cardiac Program at SickKids, Dr. Jaeggi believes that one of the most controversial issues in this field is the challenges associated with intrauterine treatment. With each treatment decision, there are risks and benefits to not one, but two patients that must be considered. learn more

Dr. Robert Jankov
In the opinion of Aussie born clinician-scientist Jankov, SickKids is the best children’s hospital in the world. His lab studies pulmonary hypertension in premature babies. learn more

Dr. Jim Hu
Before starting university, Hu spent some time travelling around China for what he calls an eye-opening experience. He currently studies gene therapy and is very optimistic about its potential as a major therapeutic solution for patients. learn more

Dr. Brian Kavanagh
Driven by a powerful curiosity, Dr. Kavanagh is not only a master of the uilleann pipes, but a physician in the Intensive Care Unit and a Senior Scientist studying the effects of mechanical ventilators (machines which help patients to breathe). learn more

Dr. Meraj Khan
Growing up in India, Meraj Khan moved to Toronto to study the immune system at SickKids. Curiosity drives his interests; whether it is investigating neutrophils in the lab or exploring nature in his spare time. learn more

Dr. Michael Litvack
Michael Litvack is a homegrown Toronto scientist who was a former SickKids patient in his youth. When he is not investigating how stem cells can be used in lung therapies, he enjoys playing and watching hockey. learn more

Dr. Christopher Macgowan
Whether it’s video games, painting or gardening, Dr. Christopher Macgowan is always finding interesting ways to channel his creativity. In the lab, he enjoys using physics in his research to develop new methods of fetal imaging. learn more

Dr. Indra Narang
Narang chose a career in science because she is inspired by critical independent thought, the importance of asking questions and thinking laterally. Her current research focuses on sleep disorders in children particularly sleep apnea. learn more

Dr. Deborah O'Connor
Dr. Deborah O’Connor grew up on a beef farm in northern Ontario. She is thankful to her mentors for demonstrating that science can be a creative outlet. learn more

Dr. Margaret Rand
This basic scientist has an energetic personality that is infectious. Rand attributes her energy and focus to her early morning yoga routines. Rand’s research interest is in blood platelets and she is actively engaged in the haemostasis and thrombosis community. learn more

Dr. Felix Ratjen
German native, Dr. Felix Ratjen is co-director of the SickKids Cystic Fibrosis Centre. His biggest advice to a new researcher is to get excited and enjoy research. learn more

Sheri Shojaie
In the lab, Shojaie is focusing on lung tissue repair and replacement. Active in sports and fitness, she also likes to go to concerts and shows in her free time. learn more

Dr. Padmaja Subbarao
Dr. Padmaja Subbarao has travelled extensively in Europe and Asia including visiting Angkor Watt in Cambodia and hiking in the Himalayas in Nepal. She is currently involved in national research study called CHILD looking at the role of environment on lung development. learn more

Dr. Hoon-Ki Sung
Dr. Hoon-Ki Sung was born in South Korea and moved to Toronto in 2006 where he spends his days in his SickKids lab and his nights at home with his family of six. learn more

Dr. Neil Sweezey
Dr. Neil Sweezey has a keen interest in classical music, especially Mozart. His research interest is the effect of steroid hormones on lung development and on cystic fibrosis. learn more