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Researchers in profile

Dr. Ran Kafri - Cell Biology
Dr. Ran Kafri’s favourite scientists are the brilliant individuals that work in his lab; it is their drive that makes him love his job! Outside of the lab, Kafri loves reading the works of famous philosphers. learn more

Dr. Eleanor Pullenayegum - Child Health Evaluative Sciences
Biostatistician Eleanor Pullenayegum is an English-born researcher who enjoys rock-climbing and contributing to the greater good. She works with statistical models to provide a better idea of the lifespan and correct treatment methods of diseases.  learn more

Dr. Xi Huang - Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
What Dr. Xi Huang loves most about science is the intellectual freedom it offers. Born and raised in Changsha, China, Huang now studies how cells regulate brain development and cancer growth at SickKids. learn more

Dr. Lewis Kay - Molecular Medicine
Dr. Lewis Kay’s research in the field of spectroscopy consists of learning more about the structures and interactions of protein molecules. He is an avid Edmonton Oilers fan who finds relaxation through taking his beautiful Alaskan malamute for long walks. learn more

Dr. Meraj Khan - Translational Medicine
Growing up in India, Meraj Khan moved to Toronto to study the immune system at SickKids. Curiosity drives his interests; whether it is investigating neutrophils in the lab or exploring nature in his spare time. learn more

Dr. Clifford Lingwood - Molecular Medicine
Dr. Clifford Lingwood recently celebrated 35 years at SickKids! Before he retires he is trying to solve one last problem in his field. Outside of work, he enjoys playing hockey and riding motorcycles with his son. learn more

Dr. Michael Litvack - Translational Medicine
Michael Litvack is a homegrown Toronto scientist who was a former SickKids patient in his youth. When he is not investigating how stem cells can be used in lung therapies, he enjoys playing and watching hockey. learn more