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Active Families Research Project
Active Families Research Program

Study activities

Participation in the study requires one parent to complete an interview about their child’s bleeding injury. The child may also participate in the interview, if desired. However, even when the child is not involved in the interview the child must agree (or consent) to the parent’s involvement and discussion of the child’s injury. The total time required for the interview will be a maximum of one hour.

The interviews will be done at The Hospital for Sick Children, at off-site locations or via telephone. We will ask you details about the injury such as when it occurred, what may have caused the injury, and the treatment that was given for the injury. You can see the interview questions by following this link. »»

The results of this research will help us to understand why these bleeding injuries occur, what might be done to prevent bleeding injuries, and what types of activities are safest for these children.