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Gross motor development test II

The Test of Gross Motor Development (Version 2) is a series of 12 different physical activities that the children are asked to perform to the best of their ability. The skills and activities are similar to what the children would do in physical education class at school. Some of the skills are different ways of moving (locomotor sub-test), while others measure the child's ability to control objects like bats and balls (object control sub-test). 

The six activities that are included in the locomotor (ways of moving) sub-test are:

  • Run as fast as you can for 15 meters
  • Gallop for 10 meters
  • Hop on one leg for five meters or less
  • Run and leap
  • Horizontal standing jump
  • Sliding sideways

The six activities that are included in the object control (ball control) sub-test are:

  • Striking a stationary ball (t-ball batting)
  • Dribbling a basketball
  • Catch a ball thrown from 5 meters away
  • Kick a soccer ball
  • Throw a ball overhand (baseball pitcher style)
  • Roll a ball underhand (like bowling)

As children get older, they gradually learn to perform each of these activities with greater precision and skill. To learn more about the Test of Gross Motor Development (Version 2), go to: http://www.proedinc.com/customer/productView.aspx?ID=1776