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Active Families Research Project
Active Families Research Program

Questionnaires and interviews

Parents in the study will be given a questionnaire that asks about the different types of physical activity that their child enjoys and the child's skill level relative to other children of the same age. The researcher will also ask the parents additional questions about the opportunities for physical activity in the family and neighbourhood during a brief interview.

Children in the study will complete two questionnaires. All of the questions will be asked by the researcher who will write down the child's answers. Children do not have to read or write to be able to answer the questions. One set of questions will evaluate the child's perceptions of physical activity. The other will ask them about what they do at school, on weekends and with their friends.

The measurements are made four times:

  1. The start of the study
  2. After four months of the study
  3. After eight months of the study
  4. After 12 months of the study

For a copy of the questionnaires and interviews used, please see the Study forms section.