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Endurance needed for activities

Endurance is the ability to continue doing an activity for a long period of time. Some sports or activities require a lot of endurance. Other sports and activities don't require very much endurance at all. For some activities, your lungs need to have lots of endurance. For other sports, it is your leg or arm muscles that need a lot of endurance.

Check out the list of sports and activities below to see which ones require more endurance because there is a lot of activity before you can rest, and which ones need less because they are done for a short time between breaks.

Examples of activities that need MORE endurance

Running long distancesX X
Cross-country skiingX X
Bike riding long distances or on hillsX X
Swimming lengths or waterpoloXXX
Canoeing or rowing across a lake or pond X 
Soccer (with few substitutions)X  
Skipping gamesX  
Volleyball on the beach  X
DancingX X

Examples of activities that need LESS endurance

  • Tennis, badminton, squash, racquetball 
  • T-ball, softball or baseball 
  • Swimming for fun 
  • Running short distances (sprinting, track)
  • Tobogganing and snow play 
  • Martial arts 
  • Hockey or ice skating 
  • Football (flag, touch or tackle) 
  • Skateboarding or inline skating 
  • Boccia or lawn bowling or bowling Volleyball indoors 
  • Gymnastics or trampoline or climbing 
  • Frisbee and disc golf 
  • Ball games (four square, dodgeball)