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Active Families Research Project
Active Families Research Program

Study groups

There are two groups in the Active Families research study. Half of the participating families are in the exercise group, and the other half are in the education group. The exercise group receives specific physical activities or exercises. The education group receives information, puzzles and games about activity.

The activities sent to each family are different. They are chosen based on the child and family's interests and what is available to them. Both groups receive about 1.5 hours of activities to do each week. The activities are sent out for 1 year, through all four seasons. All of the activities are designed to be done at home or in the family's neighbourhood.

Want to choose the group you will be in?
Unfortunately, that's not possible. No one gets to choose, it's just "the luck of the draw" (i.e., the flip of a coin).

To see examples of the activities given to each group, choose one of the following: