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Biostatistics Design and Analysis


BDA services are available to any clinical investigator at The Hospital for Sick Children. Our consultants give priority to proposals for grant funding, as a result August, September, October and March turn around times may be slower for statistical analysis and manuscript consultations.

We also give consideration to individual deadlines for abstracts, manuscript submissions, etc. We strive to provide an initial consultation within one to two weeks.

The BDA operates on a fee-for-service basis, based on an hourly rate (see the Fees section of our website). Costs for revisions of papers are not part of the original estimate so typically, the initial estimate given by the biostatisticians and data manager at the time of the initial consult is a minimum. This is because at the time of the design it is not known how much revision will be required.

Authorship is independent of the cost recovery nature for all services provided by the BDA and should be determined on the basis of intellectual contribution. Many journals now have strict criteria for authorship. These should be consulted when such decisions are made.

The BDA has a rough guide of the costs involved in analysis in the Fees section of this website. For database design and related issues contact Derek Stephens. Such cost estimate can be quite variable and should be discussed by the PI and statistician as early as possible.