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Biostatistics Design and Analysis

Biostat rounds guidelines

Internal SickKids Biostats Discussion Group

In 2004 the BDA launched Biostatistical Rounds at SickKids. These rounds were in response to problems faced by the diverse groups conducting quantitative research. More often than not researchers and their assistants experience statistical problems in relation to analysis, design and the actual coding particularly in software's like SAS.

Biostats rounds are free, drop-in sessions with members of the Biostatistics, Design and Analysis unit and other analysts in CHES. The sessions are informal and provide an opportunity to ask "quick questions", brain storm ideas, and learn from each other. The rounds are meant to facilitate solutions and engender further research ideas about the analysis. Usually a formal presentation is not scheduled, and the discussion has been of the question and answer type.

This is an ideal forum in which to exchange ideas and tips and are intended for researchers who are or will be analyzing data themselves; however, they cannot take the place of formal consultation with members of the BDA for more in-depth questions.

Beginning November 25, 2014, rounds will be held the last Tuesday of every month. Please email Angela Verven to be added to the Biostats Rounds mailing list or to be put on the agenda for upcoming meetings.