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Arthur & Sonia Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre

Alumni 2008

Young Seo

Young Cheol Seo – Visiting Student
I am a medical student at Yonsei University, in the Republic of Korea visiting the SickKids Research Institute on a six-week placement as a part of my program. I am interested in neurosurgery, with a concentration on topics related to brain tumours and so am excited to be placed in the BTRC. My research project is focused on the effects of the expression level of CD99 on the invasion, and migration abilities in malignant glioma cell lines.

At 23 years of age, just entering the world of medicine, I am especially grateful for the opportunity to gain research experience under the supervision of Drs. Rutka and Ra. I am confident that my time at this facility will be greatly enhance my future research and will give me new inspiration in the field of medicine. I believe that the world class research undertaken at the BTRC will bring new hope for patients suffering from as yet, untreatable brain tumours. I am pleased to be a small part of this effort.


Ho Jun Seol

Ho Jun Seol, MD, PhD
I have been working as a research fellow under the guidance of Dr. Rutka since September, 2007. I graduated from Seoul National University College of Medicine in Korea and finished the four-year neurosurgical resident program and one-year brain tumor fellowship at the same hospital in February, 2004. Thereafter, I am working as a staff neurosurgeon in Kangwon National University Hospital since 2004. Recently, I received a PhD on the subject of "The gene expression of steroidogenic acute regulatory (StAR) protein and tumor growth inhibition with its siRNA in oligodendroglial tumors." Even though I am much interested in neuro-oncology, I often feel much limitation in understanding and applying the biological basic concepts of brain tumours. I hoped that I could extend the basic knowledge of brain tumour research and continue to study in the future. Therefore, I applied to work as a researcher at the BTRC, the noble and updated research centre. I am so happy to be able to start working at the BTRC. This period would be an important moment in my life as a researcher as well as a clinician. Recently, I am going to investigate the molecular regulatory mechanisms about tumour cell motility such as malignant gliomas.


Juan Orlando Moreno Nunez

Juan Orlando Moreno Nunez, MD
I graduated from medical school in Pinar del Rio, Havana High Institute of Medicine, Cuba, in 1994. I became staff in Family Medicine in 1998 and Neurosurgery in 2004. I am currently working as a general neurosurgeon in Abel Santamaria General Hospital.

I came to The Hospital for Sick Children last year through an International Fellowship Award in Pediatric neurosurgery at AANS. I have been interested in malignant gliomas and when I met Professor James T. Rutka, I realized that my dream to take a research fellowship in the field of brain tumours could be possible. I just started to work on BTRC in a project of the role of cofilin pathway in glioma invasion and metastasis.

I live in an undeveloped country and during our neurosurgery resident time, we were not allowed to do research work. That's why this is an amazing opportunity in my career and I hope my work here will help one day to cure millions of people who are suffering brain cancer.

Mustafa Guduk

Mustafa Guduk, MD
I have been doing research in the Brain Tumour Research Centre under Dr. Rutka since April 2007.

I graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul in 1998. I finished my Neurosurgery residency in Marmara University in 2007.

I hoped to learn and do basic research in neuro-oncology and I had the great opportunity to be working in the BTRC under Dr. Rutka

Now I am working on NUF-2R protein in medulloblastoma and glioma cell lines.

Hirokatsu Osawa

Hirokatsu Osawa, MD, PhD
I have been doing research at the Arthur and Sonia Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre under Dr. James Rutka since July of 2006. I graduated from Nagoya University in 1997.

I began neurosurgical training after finishing my two-year residency program. I had mainly been conducting surgery for cerebrovascular disease and brain tumours as a neurosurgeon.

In 2003, I began research in the Department of Neurosurgery of Nagoya University under Professor Jun Yoshida. My project was the mechanism of interferon ƒnfor malignant giloma cells. I received a PhD degree in 2005.

I hoped to seek further research about brain tumours and fortunately have been given the opportunity to be part of the fellowship program at SickKids.

Currently, I am investigating the role of the membrane-cytoskeleton organizer ezrin which is narrowed down by DNA microarray, in medulloblastoma cells.