Arthur & Sonia Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre


The BTRC is enhancing the tumour collection program, which involves the cooperation and expertise of many departments at SickKids including Neurosurgery, Neurooncology and Pathology. This enables the collection of both paediatric tumour tissue and matching blood samples. The tissue bank was initiated many years ago through the generous support of b.r.a.i.n.child and has been named the LIFEBANC.

LIFEBANC exists as both a physical and virtual tissue bank where tumour tissue, blood samples and critical information is stored. Though the physical bank stores the samples, it is the virtual bank that stores and links pertinent sample information for use in research. All samples are processed for stability and long-term use. Tumours are frozen for storage or used immediately following the surgery for experiments. DNA and RNA is isolated from blood and cell lines are created. Each sample is given a tracking number and all pertinent information is logged into the database. Patient confidentiality is of paramount importance and strict measures are employed to ensure that this is maintained. The storage of brain tumour specimens and associated blood has been approved by the Research Ethics Board of The Hospital for Sick Children.

LIFEBANC is currently supplying tumour tissue for three major research projects. The creation of this tissue bank has ensured that paediatric brain tumour research will continue and that important studies and collaborations are maintained.

You can contact LIFEBANC directly by e-mailing