Arthur & Sonia Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre


Overview of the centre

(left to right) Arthur Labatt, Sonia Labatt and Mary Jo Haddad

The BTRC is a project that brings together scientists and clinicians studying the problem of human brain tumours from The Hospital for Sick Children and The University Health Network within the University of Toronto teaching hospitals system. The BTRC fosters excellence in brain tumour research, amalgamating the expertise of scientists, clinician investigators, and physicians in a virtual laboratory environment at the University of Toronto. A stimulating research environment has been created allowing scientists to share ideas, resources and equipment in an atmosphere conducive to achieving excellence in molecular neurooncology research, scientific publications, and translational research.

The Sonia and Arthur Labatt Brain Tumour Research Center is dedicated to studies in molecular neuro-oncology following the extraordinary gift of the Labatt family to The Hospital for Sick Children and The University Health Network.

Initially, funding enabled the acquisition of space in the Elizabeth McMaster Building at The Hospital for Sick Children which was renovated in an "open plan" concept to facilitate collaboration between principal investigators. The laboratory was divided into sections, depending on the basic or applied science with which each is concerned. In October, 2006, The Arthur and Sonia Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre relocated to new facilities in the Toronto Medical Discovery Tower.

All laboratory personnel attend weekly research conferences where progress in each section is evaluated, new models are discussed, and laboratory research is correlated with clinical data. Additional exchange among members in the BTRC is provided by a weekly seminar series in which the current literature in all fields of cancer research is reviewed. Investigations in the laboratory seek to comprehensively study brain tumours through basic and applied research.

About the BTRC logo

The Arthur and Sonia Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre logo was created at the time of the Grand Opening of the Centre, January 1999. The logo depicts a dove, symbolizing hope, carrying a twig in its beak. The twig is actually a piece of double-stranded DNA representing molecular medicine. Hence, the logo symbolizes the mandate of the BTRC which is "Hope through molecular medicine."

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