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Arthur & Sonia Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre

Primary objectives

The primary objective of the BTRC is to "cure" children and adults harbouring brain tumours. A secondary objective is, more realistically, to achieve far greater and more predictable clinical control of brain tumours. It is our belief that the achievement of our primary and secondary objectives depends on the support of ongoing basic science and clinical research at The University of Toronto. Thus, we have identified several specific research goals.

We are:

  • Investigating the molecular basis of brain tumour progression through an analysis of genes which control the cell cycle, signal transduction pathways, tumour angiogenesis, and invasion;
  • Studying the role of cell death (apoptotic) and tumour suppressor gene pathways in human brain tumours.
  • Developing novel agents and methods to treat patients based on our increased knowledge of the basic biology of human brain tumours. In this way, discoveries from the research laboratory will be translated in a timely fashion to effective clinical trials for patients harbouring intracranial neoplasms.
  • Maintaining tumour banks for adult and childhood brain tumours in which specimens can be kept to serve as a University of Toronto and nation-wide resource for investigators in molecular neuro-oncology.

It is our firm belief that by determining the molecular mechanisms of brain tumour formation, we will be in a unique position to develop novel therapies which hold both scientific and clinical merit. To accomplish the aims listed above, we will need to continue to provide a fertile environment for effective interdisciplinary research and training of staff, fellows, and students in brain tumour biology and therapy.