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Arthur & Sonia Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre

Structure and organization

The BTRC is comprised of a research and training program under the directorship of Dr. James T. Rutka, MD, PhD. One of the BTRC's strongest features is its networking with local, national and international experts engaged in all phases of cancer research.

The Director of the BTRC is accountable to an Advisory Board, and annually reports to the Board on: i) the ratio of grant capture funds to invested funds, ii) the number and quality of publications (including citation indices) that have resulted from funding for the BTRC, and iii) immediate and long-term recruitment plans. This process ensures that the benefactors, donors, hospitals and the University are apprised of the significant progress which will be made, and that appropriate international, University and Hospital codes of conduct are rigorously adhered to.


The $15 million dollar endowment generously provided by Sonia and Arthur Labatt will be used to recruit scientists, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students and clinician-investigators to the BTRC. Funding will also be provided to support ongoing projects in experimental neuro-oncology and to initiate new projects, the data from which will serve as a platform from which new grants can be secured from internal and major external grants competitions.