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New International/ National collaborations established

  • International: Vertex Corporation, FoldRx Pharmaceuticals, Bayer Schering Pharma
  • National: Canadian Institute of Chinese Medicine Research (Dr. E. Lui), the McGill BREATHE group (Dr. J. Hanrahan)

Infrastructures/ facilities developed

  • HTP/high content platforms: technology for identification of correctors of mutant CFTR Designed and operated through SIDNET (Manager: Chris Fladd)
  • Preclinical Core for Therapy Testing: Maintenance of Cftr-/- mice and mice bearing the major mutation (∆F508-CFTR) (Management by Catherine Luk and preclinical trials by Catherine Luk and Ling Jun Huan)

Education and Knowledge Translation

  • Successful ongoing Cystic Fibrosis Research seminar series has helped to integrate efforts within the CF research community, fostered links with outside CF investigators and helped to train the next generation of CF investigators.