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Breathe Program


The SickKids BREATHE Program (2004-2009): translating discovery to the patient

Basic and clinical researchers working together to develop strategies for CF therapy development and clinical methods to test new therapies on patients.

The SickKids BREATHE Program was a five-year research program established in 2004. The goal of the SickKids CF Centre BREATHE Program was to develop new tools and approaches targeting the basic defect in the most common CF-causing mutation: ∆F508-CFTR. 

The program had two foci. One group of researchers focused on therapy discovery: the identification or invention and characterization of novel therapeutic agents. The other group focused on the development of clinical tools to enable meaningful evaluation of the efficacy of CF therapies. There was significant progress on both fronts.

Our Funders

The BREATHE Program was supported by the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the CIHR