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CPCHILD™ Questionnaire
CPCHILD™ Questionnaire

The CPCHILD™ Project

Children with severe developmental disabilities are often dependent on parents or caregivers for much of their daily needs. These children often have multiple co-morbid conditions which can have a significant impact on their overall health, comfort, their functional capacity and quality of life.

Caring for a child with a severe developmental disability can be challenging and can also have an impact on the life of the caregiver's and the family as a whole. These children are often subjected to interventions that are aimed at preserving or improving their health, comfort and quality of life and to facilitate caregiving.

To date there have been no validated instruments to measure these phenomena, which have been identified as priorities of caregivers of these children. Consequently, the evidence that these interventions are effective in achieving these meaningful outcomes remains unclear. The Caregiver Priorities project was initiated to address this problem and led to the development and validation of the Caregiver Priorities & Child Health Index of Life with Disabilities (CPCHILD™) questionnaire.