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CPCHILD™ Questionnaire
CPCHILD™ Questionnaire

CPCHILD™ Questionnaire

CPChild™ is part of the PSCORE Program. 

For more details and updated information, please visit the PSCORE website at the following link. 

Future updates will be posted on the new PSCORE website. Be sure and update your bookmarks.

The Caregiver Priorities and Child Health Index of Life with Disabilities (CPCHILD™) questionnaire measures caregivers’ perspectives on the health status, comfort, well being, and ease of care giving of children with severe developmental disabilities. It was developed to measure the effectiveness of interventions intended to improve or preserve these outcomes for children with severe disabilities, including non-ambulant children with severe cerebral palsy, and traumatic or other acquired brain injuries.

This site provides access to the CPCHILD™ questionnaire along with the CPCHILD™ Manual & Interpretation Guide. The site also contains information about the development and validation of the questionnaire as well the ongoing research efforts related to the instrument.