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CPCHILD™ Questionnaire
CPCHILD™ Questionnaire

International multicentre study

An international multicentre study is planned involving sites in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia to establish the generalizability of the CPCHILD™ and to test its responsiveness in the context of different interventions.

This project has two components:

  1. Cross-sectional Study, in which the CPCHILD™questionnaire will be administered to caregivers of children between five and 18 years of age with severe cerebral palsy (GMFCS levels IV & V).

  2. Longitudinal Cohort Study, in which the CPCHILD™ will be administered prior to and following specific interventions. Proposed treatment cohorts include:

    1. Intrathecal baclofen
    2. G/G-J tubes or Nissen fundoplication
    3. Hip reconstructive surgery
    4. Spine surgery
    5. Contracture surgery
    6. Assistive technology

Investigators at each site will participate in the cross-sectional survey and may also select one or more cohorts to follow longitudinally. Data collection and data analysis will be facilitated by a centralized online CPCHILD™ database, that has been developed for this project.