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Who we are

The program consists of 26 Scientists (21 Senior Scientists, 3 Scientists and 2 Scientist-Track Investigators) and together we employ over 250 graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research associates technicians and administrative staff.

Head and Senior Scientist
Dr. John Brumell
Senior Scientists Scientists
Dr. Julie Brill Dr. Spencer Freeman
Dr. Sean Egan Dr. Ran Kafri
Dr. Sergio Grinstein Dr. Mathieu Lemaire
Dr. Cynthia Hawkins  
Dr. Annie Huang
Dr. Meredith Irwin
Dr. Nicola Jones
Dr. Walter Kahr
Dr. Peter K. Kim
Dr. Amira Klip
Dr. Christoph Licht
Dr. Jane McGlade
Dr. Michael Moran
Dr. Aleixo Muise
Dr. Lisa Robinson
Dr. Daniela Rotin
Dr. James Rutka
Dr. Philip Sherman
Dr. William Trimble
Dr. Rae Yeung
Scientist-Track Investigator
Dr. Neil Goldenberg Dr. Blayne Sayed

General enquiries can be directed to Sheryl Mann at (416) 813-8499 or Sheryl.mann@sickkids.ca