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Child Health Evaluative Sciences

Who we are

The Child Health Evaluative Sciences (CHES) program consists of a multidisciplinary group of researchers within the SickKids Research Institute united with a common aim: to improve the welfare of children by enabling health care decisions to be based on the best possible evidence generated through the integration of research, clinical practice and training, and the development and application of the most effective research methods. CHES scientists accomplish this through the integration of research with clinical practice and the development and application of advanced research methods.

Our Mission

To be a premier research program in the design, conduct, and dissemination of highly impactful research, and to translate findings into clinical practice and health care policy so that paediatric health care delivery and the quality of life of children and their families is improved.

Our Values

Excellence: demonstrated by the quality and thoroughness of our work
Compassion: focusing on individual patients’ and families’ challenges and needs
Integrity: articulated through transparency and reproducibility of our work
Collaboration: through wide-reaching and effective partnerships, locally, nationally, and internationally
Innovation: bringing novel solutions to health care evidence gaps

Dr. Eyal Cohen is the Interim Program Head.  

Figure 1 outlines the CHES organizational chart, as of April 2017:

CHES Organizational Chart


As of April 2017, CHES included 57 PhD and clinician scientists (Table 1). For more information, please view the scientific profiles of our members.

Executive Committee

As of November 2017, the CHES executive committee is composed of the following members:

Dr. Martin Offringa – Chairperson
Ms. Marie Tavares – Manager
Dr. Rulan Parekh – Senior Scientist
Dr. Catherine Birken – Scientist
Dr. Sharon Dell – Senior Associate Scientist
Dr. Lee Dupuis – Associate Scientist
Dr. Eleanor Pullenayegum – Senior Scientist
Dr. Jennifer Stinson – Senior Scientist
Dr. Wendy Ungar – Senior Scientist
Dr. Yaron Finkelstein – Senior Associate Scientist
Dr. Eyal Cohen – Interim Program Head and Associate Scientist
Dr. Brian McCrindle – Senior Scientist
Dr. Petros Pechlivanoglou – Scientist

Contact information

General inquiries about Child Health Evaluative Sciences (CHES) may be directed to the Program Head by email, eyal.cohen@sickkids.ca.
If you are interested in a SickKids position currently listed in the careers section of the website, I welcome you to apply for these positions online. Please note that only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Our mailing address:
Child Health Evaluative Sciences (CHES)
The Hospital for Sick Children
Peter Gilgan Centre for Research & Learning [PGCRL]
686 Bay Street, 11th floor
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5G 0A4