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Child Health Evaluative Sciences

EnRICH Lab: Enhancing Research Impact in Child Health

Dr. Martin Offringa’s program of research is captured under the Enhancing Research Impact in Child Health (EnRICH) program.

The work of the EnRICH research group aims to enhance child health through the development of evidence and tools that seek to improve the quality of design, conduct, and reporting of pediatric clinical research. In order to provide global solutions to methodological problems in paediatrics, EnRICH is engaged in a number of local and international initiatives including InsPECT, TORCH, CONSORT-C, SPIRIT-C, PRISMA-C, and StaR Child Health. In addition to these initiatives the EnRICH program also offers training opportunities in the form of a course on Innovative Trial Design and postdoctoral fellowships in clinical research methodology.

The primary research agenda for EnRICH focuses on two critical areas for paediatric research: (1) developing the methodology needed to select, measure and report valid, discriminative, and feasible outcomes in child health research, and (2) developing, testing, and implementing innovative methodology and tools for clinical trials.

Updated June 2017