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Developmental & Stem Cell Biology

Farhat Lab

an image of Dr. Walid Farhat

Tissue engineering of the urinary bladder mandates the development of biological substitute materials with inherent mechanical (compliant) and physical (non-absorptive) properties inherent to normal urinary bladder with negligible risks of immunogenic or tumorigenic potential. Successful tissue engineered urinary bladder constructs requires three major components, appropriate cells, cytokines, and suitable extracellular matrix.

In our laboratory we focus on identifying a suitable urinary bladder tissue engineered construct using natural scaffolds as extracellular matrix. We isolate appropriate cells and prime the suitable cells to acquire reparative potential, and investigate selective growth factors that will potentiate cellularization of these scaffolds. Furthermore, we are assessing innovative non-invasive imaging such as MRI to follow up on these scaffolds upon implantation.