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Lingwood Lab

Community outreach

ABOVE: In 2007 Dr. Lingwood was invited by CANFAR to walk with their float in the Toronto Pride Parade that took place Sunday June 24th. The above photo shows Dr. Lingwood with a group of participants. Dr. Lingwood is pictured at the far left with the balloons tied to his cap.


Aids Walk for Life 2006

Aids Walk for Life 2003 - 2005
Dr. Lingwood’s staff and his collaborator, Dr. Donald Branch. The top row photos are from 2005. The bottom row photos date from 2004 (left) and 2003 (right).


As the lab is a recipient of funding from the Ontario HIV Treatment Network, Dr. Lingwood and his staff regularly participate in the annual AIDS Walk For Life in Toronto.

Funds raised by participants of this walk help to provide essential programs and services for people living with or at risk from HIV/AIDS.

OHTN Conference Nov 06

Left: Stephanie, Amanda and Adam attending the OHTN Research Conference in Toronto, November 2006.