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The following are some recent and key publications from Dr. Lingwood's lab . A more detailed list is available on Pub Med

  • Glycosphingolipid functions
  • De Rosa M, Binnington B, Ackerley C, Wang B, Ito S, Clarke DM, Lingwood CA. Inhibition of Multidrug Resistance Protein 1 (MDR1) by AdamantylGb3, a globotriaosylceramide analog. J Biol Chem 283 (7): 4501-4511(2008). Abstract
  • Mattocks M, Bond S, Bagovitch M, DeRosa M, Binnington B, Rasaiah V, Medin J, Lingwood CA. Treatment of the neutral glycosphingolipid lysosomal storage disease via inhibition of the ABC drug transporter, MDR1: Cyclosporin A can lower serum and liver globotriaosyl ceramide levels in the Fabry mouse model. FEBS. Journal 273 (9):2064-2075 (2006). Abstract
  • Lund N, Branch DR, Mylvaganam M, Chark D, Ma X-Z, Sakac D, Binnington B, Fantini J, Puri A, Blumenthal R, Lingwood CA. A novel soluble mimic of the glycolipid, globotriaosyl ceramide inhibits HIV infection AIDS 20:1-11, [2006]. Abstract
  • Lingwood C, Mylvaganam M, Minhas F, Binnington B, Branch D, and Pomes R. The sulfogalactose moiety of sulfoglycosphingolipids serves as a mimic of tyrosine phosphate in many recognition processes: prediction and demonstration of Src homology 2 domain/sulfogalactose binding. J Biol Chem 280 (13):12542-12547, [2005]. Abstract
  • DeRosa MF, Ackerley C, Lingwood CA. Role of multiple drug resistance protein 1 in neutral but not acidic glycosphingolipid biosynthesis. J Biol Chem 279:7867-7876 [2004].
  • Chark D, Nutikka A, Trusevych N, Kuzmina J. and Lingwood CA. Differential carbohydrate epitope recognition of globotriaosyl ceramide by verotoxins and a monclonal antibody EJB 271:405-417 [2004]. Abstract
  • Whetstone H. and Lingwood C. 3'Sulfogalactolipid binding specifically inhibits Hsp70 ATPase activity in vitro. Biochemistry 42:1611-1617 [2003]. Abstract