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McGlade Lab

Research interests

  1. Role of adaptor proteins in hematopoeitic signalling
    Cellular responses to growth factor, cytokine and antigen stimulation are the consequence of signal transduction pathways mediated through tyrosine kinases. more
  2. Characterization of mammalian Numb
    During development cells within the organism become increasingly specialized in order to form the organs and structures of the adult organism. To facilitate this, critical decisions are made at the molecular level during cell division. more
  3. The role of the mammalian Crumbs complex in retinal morphogenesis
    The establishment and maintenance of cell polarity is critical for the normal development of multicellular organisms. more
  4. Signalling and Degradation Network
    SIDNET is a project that aims to express the human proteome and study human function by high throughput screens, thereby allowing the study of cellular proteins.
    SIDNET website