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McGlade Lab

Research interests

Dr. McGlade’s research program is directed towards understanding the specificity and dynamics of protein-protein interactions involved in cell signalling events that contribute to the development of cancer.

With Canadian Foundation for Innovation support, Dr. McGlade’s group also helped establish a systems biology facility now known as SPARC BioCentre, a core facility supporting drug discovery at SickKids. Work in her laboratory focuses on the molecular structure, cellular functions and interaction networks of modular adaptor proteins that regulate critical oncogenic signalling pathways. Together with clinical and industry collaborators they work towards translating discovery of specific molecular signalling events into strategies for drug discovery.

Ongoing projects in the laboratory focus on how cell type specific expression of modular adaptors and isoforms promotes the activation of unique oncogenic signaling pathways creating distinct molecular signatures in cancer subtypes, and investigation of the developmental and oncogenic signalling pathways that control alternative splicing giving rise to specific protein isoform expression in tumour cells. Dr. McGlade’s lab has also used analysis of protein structures to determine the mechanisms that regulate signaling molecules and develop approaches to control oncogenic signaling.  

The long-term goal of her research program is to advance knowledge of the molecular mechanisms that regulate signal transduction and determine the specific molecular events that can be developed into targets for therapeutic intervention.