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Neurosciences & Mental Health

Cognition and behaviour

Our study of cognition and behaviour relates to learning and memory, language acquisition, knowledge processes and the way in which our brains normally represent and process information in the context of specific cognitive disorders.

We integrate traditional psychophysical methods, advanced cellular and molecular biology techniques and modern brain-scan technology for cognitive, behavioural and neural plasticity studies.

NMH researchers in this theme include
Dr. Cathy Barr Dr. Donald Mabbott
Dr. Douglas Cheyne Dr. Elizabeth Pang
Dr. Paul Frankland Dr. Joanne Rovet
Dr. Cecil Hahn Dr. Russell Schachar
Dr. Zhengping Jia Dr. Mary Lou Smith
Dr. Sheena Josselyn Dr. O. Carter Snead
Dr. Jason Lerch Dr. Margot J. Taylor
Dr. Maureen Lovett Dr. Lu Yang Wang