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Neurosciences & Mental Health

Neuroimaging and neural networks

A unique resource to SickKids, this theme encompasses the use of multimodal imaging of sensory and cognitive functions in children. Brain imaging using structural and functional MRI as well as MEG underpins much of our clinical research, localizing the sites and kinds of nervous system injury and defining their relationships to cognitive and behavioural abnormalities.

This work demands highly skilled, multidisciplinary collaborations among our expert team of physicists, neuroscientists, behavioural neuroscientists and clinical scientists.

NMH Researchers in this theme include
Dr. Douglas CheyneDr. Jose Luis Perez-Velazquez
Dr. Paul FranklandDr. Joanne Rovet
Dr. Anne Marie GuerguerianDr. Russell Schachar
Dr. Jason LerchDr. O. Carter Snead
Dr. Donald MabbottDr. Margot A. Taylor
Dr. Katharina ManassisDr. Carol Westall
Dr. Elizabeth Pang