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Neurosciences & Mental Health

Sensory systems

We are involved in a range of basic science and clinical research projects that explore how the developing brain is influenced by early sensory experience. Given the key role of our senses in our interactions with the outside world, sensory processing disorders can have debilitating cognitive consequences.

At SickKids, we are investigating important issues of developmental plasticity of sensory systems and implementing a trans-disciplinary approach aimed at integrating sensory system processing through the use of clinical interventions, sensory devices and behavioural strategies. These approaches aim to promote sensory adaptation ultimately allowing children with such deficits to better perceive, comprehend, communicate, interact and fully experience the world around them.

NMH researchers in this theme include
Dr. Douglas CheyneDr. Michael Salter
Dr. Hans-Michael DoschDr. Margot J. Taylor
Dr. Karen A. GordonDr. Lu-Yang Wang
Dr. Elizabeth PangDr. Carol Westall
Dr. Blake PapsinDr. Agnes Wong
Dr. Joanne Rovet