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Healthy Weight Program

Examples of Goal

Setting FUN and effective nutrition and activity goals  

The purpose of the program is that you become experienced in setting your own goals that work for you, and that you can maintain and improve upon every week!  We have some examples to get you started. Think about goals you’d like to add and get started today!  

Brain power is just as important as muscle power! A good grasp of the facts goes a long way when setting goals and learning about healthier choices. When choosing your goals for each week, it’s helpful to include knowledge and action goals for nutrition and physical activity.   

  • A knowledge goal explains how to improve nutrition and activity levels and teaches us interesting facts or gives us information we didn’t know before
  • An example of a good nutrition knowledge goal is “This week I shall learn how to read food labels on all packaged and processed food”
  • An example of a physical activity knowledge goal is “This week I shall find out what fitness classes or sports teams are offered in the community that I can join”
  • An action goal challenges us to make actual changes to better our nutrition and activity
  • An example of a nutrition action goal is “This week I shall eat breakfast every morning”
  • An example of a physical activity action goal is “This week I shall go for a 15 minute walk after dinner”  

Need inspiration?

Get motivated with some of our suggestions for:

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