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Healthy Weight Program

Goal Setting

Real goals get real results! How to set smart goals.

Put it on paper!  

Grab a pen and paper and write down what you really want to achieve. Do you want to be better able to keep up in gym class? Feel less tired and have more energy? Maybe you just want to be the healthiest you can possibly be! Writing it down is the first step to achieving your goals and making them a reality.  

Look at the big picture, not the scale  

You can’t measure your health by a number!  Forget the scale and focus on what’s really important - a happy, healthy and active lifestyle. Every day counts, so make nutritious food choices and physical activity part of your daily routine.  In time your body will adjust to reflect your healthy habits.  

Set yourself up for success!

Make yourself a winner! The best and most effective goals are realistic, achievable and specific. Making positive changes takes time, so be patient and follow a reasonable timeline. Try to set goals that challenge you but aren’t impossible to accomplish. Some goals can be achieved quickly, while long term goals will take time. Avoid feeling burned out! Break down big goals into smaller and easier tasks that you can work on everyday. Turning your goals into reality, and completing something you set out to do will boost your self confidence and make you feel great about yourself! As you progress in the program you’ll gain the confidence and skills to set goals that are increasingly more challenging. Why not make up your own goals and customize the program to suit you? Keep at it and you’ll see how little everyday changes can turn into great big changes over time.

Get support  

Write down what you need to accomplish your goals. Your list can include people, places or things. Maybe you need a friend to keep you motivated and to exercise with you, or perhaps you would like to go grocery shopping with your parents so you can help plan healthy meals for the whole family to enjoy. Don’t be shy to ask for help - the more help you have, the easier it will be to succeed!  Involve those family members and friends who will encourage you and cheer you on.  Talk to them about your goals and explain what they can do to help you achieve them. Maybe you’ll inspire them to set some goals for themselves!  Be aware that making changes takes time and patience. So try to avoid negative people or places that will get in the way of your success or slow you down.  

Have a back up plan

Have a plan of how to deal with difficult situations that might make achieving your goals a problem. Be flexible and creative. Make the goal fit your circumstances and work for you.  

It’s up to you!   

Remember: you’re in charge of your own active and healthy lifestyle!  Make yourself proud!