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Healthy Weight Program

Nutrition Log

Do you know what’s going into your mouth? If you answered “no”, then this is the place for you! Nutrition logs can be a very useful tool when you are trying to make changes to your eating habits. By keeping track of the foods you eat, you will become more aware of your food choices. This will help you decide what or where you might need to make changes to in your diet. Your nutrition log can also help you set realistic healthy eating goals and keep track of your progress. Use your nutrition log to keep you motivated and to remind yourself of all the little things you have done to eat better.  

If this is the first time you are doing a nutrition log, take a few minutes to look over the Instructions for Filling out a Nutrition Log or check out an Example of a Finished Nutrition Log.  

When you are ready to get started, move to the right hand side and click onto Download Nutrition Log. Good luck and have fun!