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Healthy Weight Program


Eat your way to a healthier life.

Food plays an important role in our lives. To the very least, we need food to stay alive. We get energy from the foods we eat so that we can do the things we love such as dancing to our favourite song or riding our bikes outside or playing ball with our friends. Food also gives us nutrients to help us grow, develop, and stay healthy. When we do not eat enough food, it puts us at risk of not getting all the things we need for our bodies to work properly. When we eat too much food, we can become an unhealthy weight and increase our chances of getting some diseases.  

Our relationship with food is special. We simply do not eat to survive, but also because we enjoy it! We use food to celebrate happy times (such as birthdays or anniversaries) or to show people that we care (such as when grandma makes you chicken soup when you are sick). Some people eat when they are sad and others eat when they are bored. In the end, there are so many reasons why we eat the foods that we do.  

This section aims to help you learn more about healthy eating and to help you understand your own eating habits so that you can make changes to becoming a healthier you. On the right hand side, you can choose from: Download Nutrition Log, Yummy Recipes, and Read up on Nutrition. Click onto each section to learn more. Let’s getting cooking!