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Obesity in Youth History

Team Members

Team MemberRoleBiography
Khosrow AdeliSpecialty Care Collaborator/Dept. Pediatric Lab. Med.Head of Clinical Biochemistry, HSC, and has a research focus in lipid disorders and childhood obesity, particularly regarding fructose metabolism. He is a principal investigator for a study aimed at developing normal values for biochemical tests in children
Harvey AndersonSpecialty Care Co-lead Investigator/NutritionProfessor of Nutrition Sciences, UofT. His research is fundamental mechanisms of intake control in short-term food intake and appetite control in children and adults, and is supported by grants from CIHR, NSERC, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Pulse Canada and several food companies. His research on children is aimed at understanding the interaction of environment (e.g. TV viewing and fitness) with physiologic regulation in determining food intake in normal weight and obese children, which has lead to the identification of several possible interventions that may assist in weight control in children. He is on the advisory committee of the Federal Agri-Food Policy Institute and directs a University-Industry Program in Food Safety, Nutrition and Regulatory Affairs. He works closely with the Food Directorate at Health Canada.
Glen BerallSpecialty Care Collaborator/PediatricsCommunity pediatrician who runs an outpatient pediatric obesity program. He has agreed to support our team and will allow recruitment of potential subjects from his program
Catherine BirkenPrimary Care Co-investigator/PediatricsAssistant Professor of Pediatrics, UofT, a specialist in Pediatric Medicine, HSC, and Project Director, HSC Research Institute. She completed a Master’s Degree in clinical epidemiology. Her research interests are in the area of socioeconomic determinants of injury in children, and obesity prevention. She has received funding for the pilot study to reduce media use in preschool aged children, which will be expanded into a full clinical trial. She developed and now supervises the Child Advocacy Initiative in post graduate medical education. Through her work in injury prevention and child advocacy, she has developed partners in the community and Toronto district school boards to build capacity for knowledge translation. She chairs the Obesity Prevention Working Group of the Provincial Council on Children’s Health.
Timothy BradleySpecialty Care Collaborator/CardiologyHSC pediatric cardiologist with expertise in vascular assessment. He will provide resources and expertise regarding non-invasive markers of early atherosclerosis.
Nita ChahalNurse Practitioner/Cardiology 
Jolie Davies-ShawResearch Program Manager/HISTORYManages the logistics and finances of the HISTORY team.
Elizabeth DettmerSpecialty Care Co-investigator/PsychologyStaff Psychologist, HSC, and currently is working in the eating disorders and the adolescent transition programs. She is new to HSC and is pursuing her academic appointment. She was the director of Behavioral Medicine Program and Assistant Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, University of New Mexico. She has training and practice in behavioral health. Her specific area of interest is using motivational interviewing and cognitive behavior theory in the setting of obesity interventions, and she has experience training providers in this technique
Denise ErnstSpecialty Care Collaborator/Motivational InterviewingClinical Psychologist and a motivational interviewing certified instructor, who will provide expertise regarding behavioral counseling.
Rose GeistSpecialty Care Collaborator/PsychologyHSC child Psychiatrist with an interest in disordered eating and obesity. She will provide expertise to the team regarding psychiatric (depression, eating disorders) and behavioral issues.
Jill HamiltonSpecialty Care Co-lead Investigator/EndocrinologyAssistant Professor of Pediatrics, UofT, Staff Endocrinologist, HSC, and Associate Scientist, HSC Research Institute. Her research interests include Type 2 Diabetes, metabolic risk factors and obesity, and she is Head of the HSC Childhood Obesity Program. She has performed clinical trials evaluating with insulin sensitizers in youth with Type 1 Diabetes and insulin resistance. She is funded by the Canadian Diabetes Association to conduct a national surveillance for Type 2 Diabetes in youth, and by CIHR to examine (i) treatment for weight loss in children with hypothalamic obesity and (ii) risk of insulin resistance and obesity in infants exposed to Diabetes while in-utero. She is Chair of the Ontario Network for Child and Youth Weight-Related Issues.
Anthony HanleySpecialty Care Co-investigator/EndocrinologyAssistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences, Medicine and Public Health, UofT, and an Associate Scientist, Mt. Sinai Hospital. He is an epidemiologist specializing in Type 2 Diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome in adults and children in high risk populations, including Aboriginal Canadians and other ethnic groups. Specifically, his work involves the investigation of metabolic and lifestyle risk factors for these conditions, as well as the evaluation of potential intervention strategies. His research is funded by CIHR and the Canadian Diabetes Association. He will provide expertise in epidemiologic and statistical methodology and evaluation of metabolic risk factors
Allison JefferyResearch Program Manager/Specialty CareClinical Research Project Manager who coordinates both the HISTORY project (specialty care arm) and many of Dr. Hamilton’s research studies. She is also a personal trainer working in the Comprehensive Care Clinic for children with central brain tumours, performing exercise consultations and providing expertise to increase healthy lifestyle behaviours.
Munaza JamilClinical Research Project Coordinator/Specialty Care 
Marina KhovratovichResearch Program Manager/Primary Care 
Jacob LangerSpecialty Care Co-investigator/SurgeryProfessor of Surgery, UofT, Chief of General Surgery, HSC, and a Project Director, HSC Research Institute. He has a specific interest in bariatric surgery, and is a member of the HSC Childhood Obesity Team. He will provide expertise to the team relevant to bariatric surgery.
Simon LingSpecialty Care Collaborator/GastroenterologyHSC Pediatric Gastroenterologist with a research interest in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in obese children.
Jonathan MaguirePrimary Care Co-investigator/Pediatrics 
Farid MahmudPhysician/Endocrinology 
Brian McCrindleHISTORY Lead Investigator/CardiologyProfessor in Pediatrics, University of Toronto (UofT), Staff Cardiologist, the Hospital for Sick Children (HSC), and Senior Scientist, HSC Research Institute. He has a Master’s degree in epidemiology and biostatistics, and post-doctoral training in health policy. His clinical and research interests include lipid disorders, atherosclerosis and non-invasive assessment, and obesity. He has participated in guideline development through leadership of the Atherosclerosis, Hypertension and Obesity in Youth Committee of the American Heart Association (AHA) and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, for which he will co-chair a Childhood Obesity Research Summit. He has extensive leadership experience in multi-institutional clinical trials and research networks, including the Congenital Heart Surgeon Society and the NIH Pediatric Heart Network.
Indra NarangSpecialty Care Collaborator/RespirologyHSC Pediatric Respirologist with a research and clinical interest in sleep apnea and sleep disorders in obese children.
Maya ObadiaResearch Student/Motivational Interviewing 
Deborah L. O’ConnorSpecialty Care Co-investigator/NutritionAssociate Professor of Nutritional Sciences, UofT, Director of Clinical dietetics and Breastfeeding Support, HSC, and a Senior Associate Scientist, HSC Research Institute. She is an internationally recognized expert in maternal and infant nutrition. Of relevance to this.
Patricia ParkinPrimary Care Co-leadAssociate Professor of Pediatrics, UofT, specialist in Pediatric Medicine, HSC, and Associate Scientist, HSC Research Institute. She is the leader of the Pediatric Outcomes Research Team, HSC. She is a former Head of Pediatric Medicine, HSC, which includes a large faculty of community-based primary care pediatricians. Her primary research interests relate to the prevention of children’s bicycle related head injuries, which has included collaboration with public health units, school boards and schools, and injury prevention stakeholders. She will bring expertise in policy and environmental strategies to the team, as well as lead strategies around assessments and interventions in the context of primary care.
Barkha PatelResearch Student/Nutrition 
Paul PencharzSpecialty Care Co-lead Investigator/GastroenterologyProfessor of Pediatrics and Nutritional Sciences, UofT, Staff Gastroenterologist, HSC, and Senior Scientist in the HSC Research Institute. He is recognized expert in clinical nutrition and obesity. He chaired the Canadian Pediatric Society’s Nutrition Committee, currently chairs the Obesity and Healthy Body Weights Grants Committee (CIHR), and directs a training program in Clinical Nutrition Research (CIHR). He is a member of the protein and energy panels of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. His research expertise includes assessment of body composition and energy expenditure. He has supervised 70 research trainees, and will provide mentorship and guidance to other team investigators and trainees. He will lead the evaluation of nutritional and body composition outcomes in all of the proposed studies.
Michael RiddellSpecialty Care Co-investigator/KinesiologyAssociate Professor of Kinesiology and Health Science, York University. His research focus is on the metabolic responses to exercise in children with and without diabetes as well as the effects of exercise and stress on the hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal axis. He is an author for position statements on exercise and diabetes for both the Canadian Diabetes Association and the American Diabetes Association. His research is currently funded by NSERC, CIHR and CFI.
Catriona SymeSpecialty Care Co-investigator/EndocrinologyPostdoctoral fellow in Physiology and Experimental Medicine at HSC. She is researching the determinants of cardiovascular and metabolic risk in overweight children and adolescence, with particular focus on ectopic fat deposition and autonomic dysfunction. She is funded by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.
Shlomi TamamResearch Student/Nutrition 
Catalina Tamayo-EstradaResident/University of TorontoPediatric resident form the University of Toronto studying the prevalence, causes, and consequences of obesity following congenital heart surgery.
Ingrid TeinSpecialty Care Co-investigator/NeurologyAssociate Professor of Pediatrics, UofT, Staff Neurologist, HSC, and Senior Scientist, HSC Research Institute. She directs the Neurometabolic Clinic and Neuroinvestigational Unit, HSC. She has developed a pediatric metabolic exercise physiology unit, which will be utilized by the emerging team.
Beverly WalpoleResearch Student/Psychology 
Greg WellsSpecialty Care Co-investigator/KinesiologyAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology, UofT, Staff Scientist, Department of Anesthesiology, Toronto General Hospital, and Adjunct Scientist, HSC Research Institute. His research expertise relates to muscle metabolic function, and he will contribute expertise regarding muscle metabolism and energy expenditure.
Mark FeldmanPrimary Care Collaborator/PediatricsThese community pediatricians are instrumental n forming the nucleus of a network of primary care providers. They have strong primary teaching and clinical affiliations with HSC, and have participated in research endeavors in the past.
Moshe IppPrimary Care Collaborator/Pediatrics
Sheila JacobsonPrimary Care Collaborator/Pediatrics
Michael PeerPrimary Care Collaborator/Pediatrics
Carolyn TaylorPrimary Care Collaborator/Pediatrics