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Obesity in Youth History


Steering Committee 

The team has administrative oversight by the Steering Committee comprised of the five principal investigators, Dr. Brian McCrindle, Dr. Harvey Anderson, Dr. Jill Hamilton, Dr. Patricia Parkin, and Dr. Paul Pencharz. This committee is responsible for all aspects of team operations, and sets policy and procedures. A research project manager, Jolie Davies-Shaw, manages the team, staff, trainees and the body of research projects undertaken. The committee will create integration and synergy between the education, research and knowledge translation activities of the team. Steering Committee members will chair three specific committees.  

Research Committee 

This committee is responsible for determining and guiding the research agenda, and is chaired by Dr. Brian McCrindle, with broad membership from the team. The membership of the team is meant to provide synergy around a multi-dimensional and inter-disciplinary perspective. A data manager and statistician, Cedric Manlhiot, supports the team and the specific projects, and dedicated research coordinators, Allison Jeffery and Marina Khovratovich, support the common projects of the specialty care and primary care research plans, respectively.  

The research plan focuses on developing, evaluating and disseminating high impact strategies aimed at prevention, assessment and recognition, and management of childhood obesity within the context of the health care system, including the use of alternative providers and alternative settings. This research plan focuses on both observational studies and clinical trials, with a shared emphasis on both qualitative and quantitative elements. While a majority of projects are derived from the team members and trainees, projects proposed from outside the team are considered and encouraged. 

Ongoing planning, additional potential partnerships will be identified and developed as required for additional specific projects, in terms of implementation and/or knowledge translation.  The committee ensures that the focus of the research team is maintained, but strives to be innovative and to create synergy and involve novel perspectives.

Steering Commitee Model

In addition to informing and guiding the research plan, the Research Committee provides oversight and support for specific aspects of operations. They will monitor finances and budgets for each of the proposed projects. They will ensure timely development and management of personnel and resources to support and implement the plan, and will work closely with the SickKids Research Institute. They will provide support for data management and statistical analyses, which will be provided by members and personnel within the emerging team, but also from available expert resources within the Institute.  

Education Training Committee 

The Education Committee consists of a chairperson, Dr. Jill Hamilton, and co-investigators and collaborators, with trainee representation. The committee oversees recruitment and administration of trainees, and development of a dedicated curriculum.

Knowledge Translation Committee

The Knowledge Translation Committee consists of a chairperson from the Steering Committee, our knowledge translation collaborator, Dr. Barwick, a hired part-time knowledge broker, stakeholder representatives, and members of the emerging team. This committee has three sub-committees to address focused aspects of publications and presentations, policy, and stakeholders.

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