Research Ethics Board

Membership and panels

Panel A

Member Expertise
Dr. Elizabeth Stephenson, Chair Paediatric Cardiology
Dr. Kathy Boutis, Vice-Chair Paediatric Emergency Medicine
Ms. Arbelle Manicat-Emo, Vice-Chair Nurse Practitioner in Neurosurgery
Dr. Helen Chan Haematology/Oncology
Dr. Walid Farhat Urology
Dr. Brian Feldman* Rheumatology
Dr. Deb Levy* Rheumatology
Mr. Matthew Mokanski Bioethics, Emergency Medicine Nurse
Dr. Michal Inbar-Feigenberg Clinical and Metabolic Genetics
Dr. Kathryn Timberlake Pharmacy
Dr. Jeffrey Traubici Diagnostic Imaging
Ms. Andrea Young Registered Dietician
Dr. Jonathan Wasserman Endocrinology
Mr. Howard Simkevitz° Law
Mr. Ian Stedman° Law
Ms. Lucie Leduc Community Member, Ethics, Law
Mr. Asher Mann Community Member, Bioethics
Dr. Priyanka Rathore Community Member, Science
Mr. John Wunderlich Community Member, Economics

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Panel B

Member Expertise
Dr. Elizabeth Stephenson, Chair Paediatric Cardiology
Ms. Rose Gaiteiro, Vice-Chair Critical Care
Dr. Michael Casas Dentistry
Dr. M. Stephen Meyn Genetics and Research Methods
Ms. Kamelia Mirdamadi Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology
Ms. Barbara Muskat Qualitative Research, Social Work
Dr. Ahmed Naqvi Haematology/Oncology
Dr. Mike Seed Cardiology
Dr. Reza Vali Radiology
Dr. Michael Weinstein Paediatric Medicine
Ms. Alison Williams Bioethics
Ms. Maria Zak Neurology
Ms. Pamela Spencerº Law
Ms. Alexandra Wilbeeº Law
Ms. Elizabeth Phillips Community Member, Communication
Ms. Alexandra Varela Community Member, Student

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