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Research Ethics Board

Forms, Guidelines and Templates

All Research Ethics Board (REB) forms must be submitted in the eREB system.

Please note: If you are an external collaborator on a SickKids project, and do not have a position with this hospital, you will not be able to create or edit projects on the eREB. For more information, please contact the Clinical Research Ethics and Regulatory Compliance Office at ask.crs@sickkids.ca.

Research Ethics Application Checklists

Initial Application Checklist - Prospective Studies v.Oct 13, 2017
Initial Application Checklist - Secondary Use (Retrospective) Studies v. Oct 13, 2017

Consent/Assent Form Templates and Checklist

Informed Consent Checklist v.Apr 24, 2018
Informed Consent Discussion v.Jun 29, 2016
Assent Forms Information and Templates v.May 3, 2018
Consent for Interventional Studies v.May 22, 2018
Consent for Non-Interventional (Observational) Studies v.May 22, 2018
Biobank Consent Template v.May 22, 2018
Consent for Secondary Use (Retrospective) Research v.May 22, 2018
Implied Consent v.Mar 9, 2018
Verbal consent telephone script v.May 3, 2018
Consent for Case Reports/Case Series v.May 22, 2018
Genetic Consent Language v.Apr 23, 2018

Patient Recruitment and Materials Templates

Subject Participation Certificate
Introduction Letter v.Oct 31, 2017
Poster v.Feb 9, 2018
Verbal Recruitment Telephone Script v.May 3, 2018


Adverse Event and Unanticipated Problems and Protocol Deviations Reporting Guidelines v.Apr 21, 2014
Research Ethics Board Blood Sampling Guidelines
v.Jul 14, 2017
Guidelines for Secondary Use Studies and Case Reports/Series v.Nov 2, 2017
Guidelines for Recruitment Materials
v.Feb 9, 2018
Guidelines for Involvement in External Studies v.Nov 22, 2017