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Function and targets of ubiquitin ligase Nedd4

Nedd4 proteins (Nedd4-1 and -2) are ubiquitin ligases of the C2-WW-Hect family. We have been studying their structure and function and identified numerous substrates for them. We are particularly interested in the role of these family members in regulating endocytosis and vesicular sorting of transmembrane proteins, including the epithelial Na Channel, LAPTM5, Commissureless and others. We are currently using a gene knockout approach in mice and genetic tools in flies to decipher the physiological functions of Nedd4 proteins in vivo. In addition, we are employing high throughput proteomic technologies to globally identify substrates for these proteins.

Schematic representation of Nedd 4 and its interacting proteins:

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Schematic representation of Epithelial sodium channel depicting subunit stoichiometry and interaction with Nedd4:

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