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Rovet Lab

Giuseppe Mirabella

My research focuses on the development of vision, and how disruptions in visual development affect later visual and cognitive processing. The primary visual pathway undergoes its most significant development during gestation and the first postnatal year, and a normal visual system is required for optimal development of other cognitive brain areas. Thus, disease or trauma to the brain during the this early period may produce lasting functional deficits. I use behavioural, electrophysiological and imaging techniques to assess these functions in infants and adults.

My goal is to characterize functional deficits in affected populations, including using visual tests to determine disease severity and to identify which factors place children at greatest future risk. Among the clinical groups I have tested are infants with thyroid hormone insufficiencies, infants and children with infantile spasms, premature infants, and children with optic pathway gliomas.

Refereed Articles

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