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Rovet Lab

Sandra Hepworth

Sandra Hepworth, MA
PhD candidate

Research: Working memory in children with congenital hypothyroidism and children with ADHD.

My research with Dr. Joanne Rovet has largely focused on attention and memory in children with congenital hypothyroidis (CH) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Using experimental and clinical neuropsychological tests, I have examined the multifaceted nature of both attention and memory. Currently, I hope to demonstrate a functional dissociation between the controlled attention and storage components of working memory using experimental N-Back and Item Recognition tasks with children with CH and children with ADHD.

I have also studied children with epilepsy. In collaboration with the Motherisk program, I was involved in a study examining the effects of maternal antiepileptic medication on children. In addition, under the supervision of Dr. Mary Lou Smith, I investigated verbal and spatial memory in children who have undergone temporal-lobe surgery for intractible epilepsy.I am currently on maternity leave but can be reached at: sandra@psych.utoronto.ca


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