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Rovet Lab

Research Support Staff

Anishka Leis
Clinical Research Project Coordinator

Anishka graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Science in psychology and completed her Master of Arts from the University of Toronto in 2006. She joined the Rovet Lab in 2006 as a Clinical Research Project Coordinator. She is responsible for managing the day-to-day responsibilities in the lab, which includes contacting parents about our research studies and performing various clinical assessments. If your child is participating in one of our studies, you have probably spoken with her.


Jovanka Skocic

Jovanka Skocic
Image Analyst
Phone: 416-813-8287
Fax: 416-813-8839
e-mail: jovanka.skocic@sickkids.ca

Jovanka graduated from University of Toronto with a BA in Anthropology and Psychology, and is currently working as an image analyst with Dr. Rovet. Jovanka analyzes structural MRIs, concentrating on hippocampal development. She has completed intracranial volumes and ROIs of the hippocampus for all patients. Currently she is conducting Voxel-Based Morphometry using statistical parametric mapping (SPM5). She joined the lab in November of 2006.


Dragana Ostojic

Clinical Research Project Assistant
Phone: 416-813-8285
e-mail: dragana.ostojic@sickkids.ca

Dragana completed her degree in Human Behavioural Biology from the University of Toronto. She joined the Rovet Lab in August 2010 as the Clinical Research Project Assistant. Prior to this, she completed her undergraduate honours thesis project under the supervision of Dr.Rovet, examining hippocampal morphometry in children with abnormal prenatal thyroid hormone levels. Dragana writes the clinical reports for our study participants, performs experimental testing, and assists Anishka with the administrative tasks involved in running our research studies.

Cynthia Taverner
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 416-813-7442
e-mail: cynthia.taverner@sickkids.ca