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Dianna Lanteigne

Dianna Lanteigne

Research Student, Psychology Neurosciences & Mental Health Research Program
e-mail: mlanteig@uoguelph.ca

Dianna Lanteigne is a fourth year student in the psychology co-op program at the University of Guelph. She joined the Rovet lab in January 2007 as a Clinical Research Project Assistant. As a student in the SSuRe program, her current project is researching emotion in children’s autobiographical memory.

Achievements and Awards

Yeandle Family Scholarship, Winter 2008
Dean’s Scholarship, Fall 2006
William Furlong Scholarship in Microeconomics, Fall 2005

O’Gorman, C., Lanteigne, D. & Rovet, J. (2008). Reading, writing, arithmetic: Learning issues associated with Turner Syndrome. In J. Hamilton & I. Hozjan (Eds.), Turner Syndrome: Across the Lifespan (pp.119-137) Brampton, ON: Castlemore Graphics.

Future Research Interests

Dianna will continue researching emotion and cognition this fall when she will be studying depression and selective attention for her undergraduate thesis. She plans to attend graduate school in clinical psychology the following year.